Mentoring Programme

Raising aspirations, improving behaviour, enhancing self-confidence and preparing young people for the world of employment.


Our Mentoring Programme focuses on 11-16 year olds (up to 18 years for those with special educational needs and disabilities – SEND) with professionals & trained volunteer mentors. The programme lasts for 10 months, minimum of 1 hour session twice in a month. Our mentees are referred from schools, community organisations and directly by their parents / guardians. We ensure that our mentors and volunteers are trained with enhanced DBS checked. The main objectives of our Mentoring Programme:

  • Raise aspirations
  • Improve behaviour, enhance self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Improved interpersonal skills and good relationships
  • Prepare and equip young people for the world of work

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To be a mentor or a workshop facilitator all you need is patience, enthusiasm, commitment and passion. You will need to commit regular time to the mentee and to Cause4Children.

Your mentoring role will include regular (minimum once a fortnight) scheduled one-hour meetings with your mentee during the day, evening or weekend in agreement with mentee’s parent/guardian.

Introducing your mentee to new and different experiences is also important – taking them to an exhibition, the cinema or explore appropriate hobbies with them.

You might also provide support in a number of ways such as helping your mentee to prepare college applications and run through interview techniques to helping to boost their confidence.

As a workshop facilitator, you will need to be creative and committed to leading insightful sessions on life skills and other topics that pertain to young people.

To become a mentor or a workshop facilitator or if you would like us to deliver a career mapping session to your students, please complete the form below.

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