Our work is made possible by the donations from our corporate sponsors and individual donors. Although our core team are all volunteers, we do require part time project officers to effectively manage our programme. Any financial assistance will go a long way.

How To Donate

Donating to Cause 4 Children is quick and easy via Paypal. You can make one off donations, or contact us to setup a monthly contribution to help support our programmes.

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Be a mentor

To be a mentor all you need is patience, enthusiasm, commitment and passion. You will need to commit regular time to the young person and to Cause4Children.
Your mentoring role will include regular (minimum once a fortnight) scheduled one-hour meetings with your mentee during the day, evening or weekend in agreement with the mentee’s parent/guardian. Introducing your mentee to new and different experiences is also important – taking them to an exhibition, the cinema, music workshop or explore appropriate hobbies with them. You might also provide support in a number of ways such as helping your mentee to prepare college applications and run through interview techniques to helping to boost their confidence. To become a mentor, please follow the link below.


Join a workshop

Come along and share your path to success and inspire young people at our workshops. Our workshops comprise of a panel of professionals that talk about their journey to success and any obstacles they have overcome. Following this, young people are given a chance to meet these professionals in small groups and in speed mentoring sessions. The students are able to ask questions to the professional that has been assigned to their group and get more tips and ideas on how to progress into that career path.
Why not come along and share your path to success and inspire young people?
If you’d like to know more about our workshops, please follow the link below.