Inspiring Workshops

Our workshops comprise of a panel of professionals that talk about their journey to success and any obstacles they have overcome. Following this, young people are given a chance to meet these professionals in small groups and in speed mentoring sessions. These young people are able to ask questions to the professional that has been assigned to their group and get more tips and ideas on how to progress into that career path. They also have fun and interactive sessions on life skills experience.

Exploring The Coding Space

This is a set of three free online workshops on coding, to prepare and equip young people with the technological skills for the new decade.

Money Smart Beginners Programme

This programme is a set of three online courses on funds management and wealth creation for our youth.

Young Leaders Programme

The Young Leaders Programme is a set of six online training sessions for young people (ages 12 – 17yrs) who want to learn about leadership and develop their skills in this area.

Flawless Communicator

Five online communication and branding workshops to prepare and equip young people with tools for exceptional communications skills, negotiation, confidence building and brand creation.